Why Do They Need To Eat Again!

So, it’s Summer and I may not fire up my oven until the September birthdays roll around. Please take as evidence my plate of pretzels-as-dinner tonight. Did I eat something else you may ask…yes. Crackers and cheese. I just lose all desire to cook in the Summertime. Add to that the busyness of our days, my complete lack of desire to be indoors, and the exhaustion I feel by six o’clock and it really is quite amazing that my people don’t go to bed with growly bellies.

So, like any normal person I’ve been scrolling Pinterest for “snacky” and “easy” dinner ideas. There are a lot of really great suggestions, but all of the new things that would require me to add additional ingredients to my memorized shopping list just seem like too much work! Especially when I could be digging in the dirt or sipping a beer on the deck. I mean, who wants to be searching for a quarter in the Aldi parking lot when she could be planting zinnias!

So what is a momma to do? No, seriously, what the heck am I going to do? My people want to eat, like a lot. Don’t talk to me about prepping meals and freezing, that’s not going to happen. I’m not that organized and I probably never will be, don’t judge me! I’m also not buying an Instapot. Sure, they look great, and I know that you can cook a Thanksgiving meal in them in under twenty minutes or whatever, I’m just not interested in learning an entirely new way to cook right now, okay?

Is there any hope? Will we live on salami and triscuts for the next three and a half months? Or is there a better way?!? Is there a way to eat actual food without giving up my Summer?

I’m doing the grocery shopping in the morning y’all, any help here is greatly appreciated.

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