Rolling Stops

Today felt stretched too thin, like the minutes were over-full. I stopped often, but all were rolling stops. Not enough time spent in the moments snatched from it.

Checking off my list…

rolling stop

Admiring leaves as I walk to the greenhouse…

rolling stop

Scrolling for science ideas as I eat lunch…

rolling stop

There are too few “hard-stops” in my days. Not enough places where I sit and breathe. I’ve caught myself stealing the time from the edges of the night again, I’m aching for it now. I don’t know how to maintain the peace. It continually slips through my fingers, causing me to seek it out again

and again

and again

…lessons learned and relearned. Like the spider spinning her web I remember patience, I give myself more grace, I let a few tears fall in, and from, the hard work. Now I will rest, and not simply sleep, but allow myself to fully stop for the first time today.

I hope that you can find time to stop soon too. When you do, don’t roll through, be right where you are, you will be amazed at what is there when you breathe and look.

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