I’ve Done it Again

So, I’ve done it again. Waited too long to take a step back. I felt it building today as I tried to convince a teeny to eat some teensy bit of good food.

I lost it with her and we laid down for a nap together instead of carrying on.

I got out this afternoon, thanks to God and a sweet husband. What this means to all of you dear people who continue to follow my ramblings is that there should be a bit of my story in your inbox tomorrow morning.

I’ll be thinking of each of you and the story I continue to tell each time I get to sit with my laptop and cuppa. That it’ll reach you, that it means something, that you know who’s you are.

Heading back home able to breathe a little easier, with less weight on my shoulders. I hope this same feeling for all y’all this night as well.

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